How To Find Parking In Shopping Malls During Sales

There are a few things more frustrating than trying to find suitable parking in a shopping mall during a huge sale. Most summers, holiday seasons, and religious festivals see a lot of footfall in malls. Unfortunately, what should be a joyous shopping outing with friends, family members, or loved ones, turns out to be a stress-filled experience. The reason for this stress is the issue of finding adequate parking. 

Shopping malls are packed before and during the festive, sale, and holiday seasons, resulting in patrons’ dearth of parking spaces. Most people prefer booking parking spaces with instead of fighting over mall parking. YourParkingSpace is ideal for getting affordable, good quality, and safe spaces for your car near large and small shopping malls. The spaces can be booked hourly and daily for extra convenience – all from the comfort of your mobile phone. Reserving a space and extending it as needed from your phone means you do not have to compromise on your shopping, wait for parking, or be worried about the safety of your car. 

We know many people still prefer to park in shopping mall parking spaces, and we are here to help you with a few tips. These tips can also be used during off-times, resorts, beach parking facilities, and other crowded parking lots. 

Without further ado, let us jump into helping you find parking in shopping malls during sales. 

Go Early:

Sales are on from the morning. They start on a particular day, which means you will get the first pick of the collection if you go early. You will also get an empty parking lot and park close to the mall entrance. If you live out of town and need to travel a distance to get to the city, it is best to plan the day in advance. Getting most of the chores done beforehand and making a list of all the things to purchase from the sale (trousers, formals, scarves, shirts, and more) can help you leave early in the day without wasting too much time on getting everything ready first. 

When you choose to park, it is best to find a spot close to the store entrance that has your favourite discounts and offers. Doing this will allow you to bring your purchases to your vehicle, load them, and go back in to shop some more. You will not have to keep carrying your shopping bags from store to store. You can keep loading your car and stay fresh and unencumbered. 

Use Multi-storey Parking:

If you make it to the mall during rush hour and need parking, it is best to stick to multi-storey lots. Most people stick to the first and second levels of parking buildings. Instead, you should avoid these, and go as high as possible, to park quickly. Waiting for parking spaces to open up will waste time and might not get you the spot you want. Instead, it is best to go to the upper levels of a parking bay and park nearer to the lift entrance that will take you straight to the mall entrance. Doing this is highly convenient since you can use the lifts to cartload your shopping, instead of walking endlessly to reach your space on the ground floor. 

Pre-sale Viewings:

Most large stores that offer sales and discounts usually have preferred pre-sale viewings for their loyal customers. If you have signed up and are a member of these stores, you may get a chance to opt for pre-sale viewing. You should try to go before the sale is opened up for the general public if this happens. Not only will you get the option to shop to your heart’s content before it becomes common, but you will also get your parking spot of choice. The holiday rush and sale season usually fill up the parking lots when the discounts are open for everyone. Beating the rush will help you immensely, make your experience better, and quickly get you the parking space. 

Shop at Night:

If the shopping mall is open at night, you should opt for night-time shopping. Most shoppers prefer going home and driving out of town towards the evening. If you are not hard-pressed for time, you should plan your sale shopping at night, post 8pm. Doing this will get you the parking space you want and peace while shopping. Shopping during the night is also ideal for avoiding people and maintaining social distance. You will get vacant trial rooms, speak to the sales assistants properly, and finish your shopping in one haul. 

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