How to design a small walk-in closet to optimise space for clothing

We’ve all seen the walk-in wardrobes on some Hollywood movies. Not only are they sometimes bigger than all the main bedrooms, but there seems to be infinite space for shoes, coats, dresses and even other little knick knacks along the way. 

However, for most of us living in the real world, we don’t have loads of space to dedicate to a walk-in wardrobe. But that shouldn’t stop you living your Carrie Bradshaw dreams! Here are just a few ways to optimise a small space and make it your own. 

Mirrored doors

If you’re working with a small space, you’ll know all the tricky logistics behind which door opens out in which direction, and whether the drawers have enough space to be pulled out. You don’t want to then add a mirror into the mix too. 

Why not install a mirrored door? Not only will it save space in your wardrobe, but you’ll be also able to see your whole look without anything standing in your way.  

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are a great addition to any room and suit small spaces perfectly because all they need is a bit of wall space. They’re perfect for folded clothes, like T-shirts, jeans and jumpers. You could even use them for shoes and your accessories.

They’re also a great opportunity to add some personality into your closet. Add some framed photos, potted plants and any other pretty trinkets that you think will brighten up the space.

Sliding doors

Forget leaving space free for your doors to swing into and say hello to sliding doors, the no-fuss solution that will save you heaps of room in your walk-in wardrobe. Now that you don’t have to save a wall for the door, utilise the space with some floating shelves or even an extra rail for your clothes!

What’s more, sliding doors are super stylish, affording a more minimalist, modern finish. 

Lighting and wall colour

When it comes to small spaces, you’ve got to get clever with lighting in order to make it feel bigger than is actually is. Paint your wardrobe a light shade to give the room an airy, spacious feel and pair this with a great lighting design. Consider clever solutions like light-reflecting surfaces, warm recessed LEDs and mirror lights for a lighting concept that is seamlessly woven into the rest of the design, thereby taking no extra space.

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