How to Add Vintage Charm and Interest to Your Home Décor and Design

Creating a home that reflects your style and looks put together doesn’t happen by chance, instead, there is usually a fair amount of thought put into the design concept. It helps your home to feel unique, special and comfortable so you not only enjoy your time at home but want to welcome visitors into the space. If you want to add more personality to your home and vintage touches have always appealed to you, why not use them as a design concept or theme?

Here are some great ways you can add vintage charm and interest to your home décor and design.

Update Your Furniture – Pick Vintage Pieces 

For those homeowners who don’t want to undertake an entire home makeover, updating your furniture can be a quick and effective solution. Purchasing new dining chairs that reflect a more vintage vibe, investing in new couches that have vintage features, and even a TV wall cabinet that matches up with your current style will all have a big impact. After updating key furniture pieces, the space will feel fresh and new.

Experts recommend focusing on the common rooms of your house first, the rooms you spend the most time in and those you entertain in.

Moulding and Built-Ins Scream Vintage Design

How do you take a relatively modern-looking home and make it vintage? Adding moulding and built-ins is a fabulous way to achieve a vintage look and can be quite easy if you’ve got the right tools, materials and time. If you don’t want to tackle the job you can always hire a contractor to do it.

Artwork Will Have a Huge Impact

Another tip is to use artwork to pull together the design. Vintage artwork is a relatively large category so you have lots of creative freedom in that sense. As you look for the perfect pieces to hang, be sure to check second-hand shops, thrift stores and antique stores as you’re bound to find treasures. You may even get a great deal too, which allows you to stretch your budget further.

If you don’t want to purchase artwork you can always make your own. Try framing a vintage piece of fabric or wallpaper, a classic recipe card that looks worn, photographs, pressed flowers or greenery, postcards and so forth.

Artwork can be placed on walls strategically throughout the house, or you may want to create maximum impact with a full art wall filled with pieces.

Start Collecting Vintage Dishes

Want to add vintage charm to your kitchen but don’t necessarily want to rip out the existing features? You can start to collect vintage dishes that you can use for display purposes and to serve food. There’s no reason they all need to match as it can feel more authentic if you have a mismatched grouping of dishes. Look for interesting pieces, that have unique features and use beautiful colours.

Each of these tips will help you achieve a vintage look in your home, instantly giving it personality and a sense of character.

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