Hope Tala returns with a Stunning new single ‘I Can’t Even Cry’

Today marks the return of highly-rated West London polymath Hope Tala, who is set to return from a period of writing in LA with stunning new single, ‘I Can’t Even Cry’ via PMR. Produced by Anoop D’Souza ( Umi, Asake, Unknown T), the track showcases the honeyed vocals and spellbinding songwriting that has seen Hope rack up millions of streams, gain widescale press support and two co-signs by none other than Barack Obama. 

Speaking on the inspiration behind her new release, Hope shares; “When writing ‘I Can’t Even Cry’ I was trying to encapsulate the state of being numb, of being too hurt to feel. It’s special to me for a number of reasons, one being that it’s the first song I ever made with my friend Anoop after two false starts attempting to write together when my personal life was a mess. It felt like a gift, our third time lucky trying to make a song together, to find this one within me, a song that ultimately sees beyond numbness toward hope. I think the broader point of ‘I Can’t Even Cry’ is about granting myself the permission to contemplate a future beyond the sorrow that was consuming my life and my spirit during the time in which it was written.”

Entering a new chapter in her musical career, Hope Tala reinserts herself into a pool of rising creatives who champion the art of transmitting thoughtful messages through her relatable honesty and creative flow. For a song built on the debilitating feeling of being numb, ‘I Can’t Even Cry’ is full of emotion and powerful sentimentality, making it clear that music and songwriting are Hope’s therapeutic companions. 

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