Highly Suspect Tokyo Ghoul (Feat. Young Thug & Terrible Johnny)

Transcending genres and innovating an eclectic mix of Hip Hop, Rock and Blues, Highly Suspect breathe fresh life into these genres with new single Tokyo Ghoul, featuring guest vocals from the iconic boundary defying rapper Young Thug.

Based on a fantasy TV series Tokyo Ghoul explores themes in the dark anime, the control of a human flesh eating, half-ghoul is symbolic of Johnny Steven’s flipping of the switch, letting loose and his willingness to explore new and exciting genres. Terrible Johnny (Johnny Stevens, frontman) says, In that show, there is a boy who is half-demon and he has to control his shit so that he doesn’t eat people. He’s a beast. So this song to me is flipping the switch like fuck you, I’m telling you what’s up now, I’m rapping, I’m not holding back.

The release of Tokyo Ghoul (Feat. Young Thug & Terrible Johnny) comes ahead of the band’s upcoming album MCID and UK Tour in November. 

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