Goosebumps Star Madison Iseman talks Annabelle, Social Media Cleanses, and Her Sure Fire Party Trick!

The 21-year-old whose Harry Potter obsession turned into an acting career lands the lead role in the third instalment of the Annabelle movie.

I had the pleasure of having a hilarious conversation with Madison Iseman. Bright and full of life Iseman dishes about falling in love with film and working with acting legends. As a child, her love for Harry Potter books and seeing the words projected onto screen ignited an interest in acting. “[…]I wanted to be a film editor at first.” she admits.

What was it like working with Nick Jonas, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and The Rock for Jumanji? Did you feel any pressure remaking such a huge classic?

“Awesome!,” she replied eagerly. “I never expected to be in a movie like that this early on in my career, but everyone was so nice and accepting. It was a little intimidating. I read a bunch of write-ups online, and felt a little discouraged.” She admits. However, “Everybody was easy to work with, it was refreshing.” Iseman says working with the comedy world’s finest was an unexpected blast.

We remained on the topic of the internet and how it’s necessary to take a break from social media. Iseman shared that sometimes it’s okay to sit your phone down for two hours out of the day and just relax. We joked about reverting to the old days of “house phones,” sending letters, and memorizing each other’s phone numbers.

In her first recurring role, Iseman was able to work with the legendary Billy Ray Cyrus. I was very curious to know what it was like working with such a staple in the music and acting world. After all, Cyrus did catapult the career of his eldest daughter, Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana). He coached her as an artist and actor.

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Did Billy Ray Cyrus give you any advice on handling your career early on?

”He taught me everything.” She notes, Cyrus was very interesting to watch. “He’s such a mentor. He was my second set father. We shared music, I left my guitar at home and he let me use his to practice. He also ended up letting me keep it.”

I wanted to find out more about the thriving young actress. We explored how the role of Annabelle came about, her favourite genres of film, her dream role, and more. One thing’s for certain, Madison Iseman cannot be put in a box. Her acting knows no bounds.

“Badass women are my favourite characters to play,”  was her first thought. “Every new script is special. I would love to play in a Rom-Com (romantic comedy), or act as a wizard and more Sci-Fi films.”

Iseman confessed that she had always been a Horror film fan. “I love the Human Centipede, it’s one of my favourite movies.” She continues, “I had previously auditioned for the second Annabelle movie, so when the third instalment came up I was excited to audition again.” After that, it was pretty much set for Madison. “Gary, the director wanted to Skype with me and we hit it off.” Iseman plays the role of a babysitter given the task of caring for the Warren’s daughter, Judy. However, the unsuspecting sitter has no idea what she is in for. McKenna Grace stars as Judy Warren. Iseman adds “We had a great read. Be sure to watch all of The Conjuring and Annabelle films, there are a lot of pieces to pick up on. We just started filming and I’m really excited.”

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Actors and actresses always have the one idol they look to as children. I asked Who would you want to play you in a biopic? Iseman picked a great choice. “…if she could Reese Witherspoon. She’s been my favourite since I was little. I agreed that she’d found her perfect match.

Iseman isn’t all business, she likes to have fun too. Reading, nature walks, and family are great escapes when work looms a little too heavily. Her hidden talent is something only one in a million people can do without breaking their necks or arms.”I can lick my elbow, that’s my party trick.” We giggled hysterically. Such a pleasantly beaming personality, I had just one final question for the rising star.

What can we expect in the near future from Madison Iseman?

“Lots of things, Annabelle, I’m doing some Indie films.” She continued “I have Feast of Seven Fishes coming up with Skylar Gisando. I’m working with some of the actors from the Sopranos.

The star of the new Annabelle movie gives us so much to look forward to. Make sure to watch each movie in the series so that you don’t miss out on anything.

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