George Cosby’s latest track ‘Lonely Heartbeats’ layers romanticism with the human condition

Following his successful debut EP ‘We Stand Alone’ which saw airplay on Radio 2 and Radio 5, George Cosby continues to curate an output of romanticism, innocence and mystery with his latest track ‘Lonely Heartbeats’. The track’s story is driven on the human condition: of growth, aspiration and most importantly emotion. Emotions are embodied and layered within a love story played out throughout the course of the nearly 4-minute long song. Written with Dane Etheridge, ‘Lonely Heartbeats’ has a cinematic, almost rom-com texture that evokes the same fear that resonates deeply with its listeners – falling in love. 

Hey George, how are you? 

Hello, I’m extremely well thank you. I’m chatting from Barcelona where I’ve been for a while to escape the London winter chill. 

Has 2022 started off well for you? Any personal highlights so far?

It has indeed, it’s been wonderful to see things starting to open up again in the music scene. It’s been a difficult couple of years for a lot of people. From a personal highlight point of view it’s been lovely to put some more music out and I’m very excited to get out and play live – share some special moments with everyone. 

It’s been a little while since the world was introduced to your debut release ‘We Stand Alone’. How has the reception been since then? 

It’s quite an abstract concept now. When you’re not face-to-face with people you don’t honestly know too much. There’s been a little radio support in the UK which was very cool, lots of lovely messages from people hearing it come out of their car speakers. 

Taking that forward into your latest release ‘Lonely Heartbeats’, did you feel that this was an extension to those initial tracks, both lyrically and sonically? 

To me it’s a more refined development. More of my personality, sonically dialling in my process and collaborators. It takes a while to find that and hone that craft. Thankfully the way the industry is set up right now allows for a development period and artists to find their feet in that way. 

‘Lonely Heartbeats’ has a flavour of romance lyrically and is almost dream-like. How was the writing process for the track? 

Thank you, that’s very much the idea. This was one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve had throughout the creation process. It was a lyrical concept I’d been working on for a while – trying to find the right home for it. As you say, a very dreamy romanticism and letting go and taking the risk in the quest for something beautiful. I made it with very close friends and we had a blast throughout the whole process. I can hear that in the track and it’s very special to me because of it. 

The guitar loop reminds me of Spanish guitar – is it? Can you describe the marrying of the strings undercurrent and the theme? 

Oh, interesting! It’s not actually but I can totally see that. I became a fan of boxy acoustics, how they sounded a little dirty and how that married with my voice. Something ‘too good’ sonically can make it sound a bit too traditional with my vocal style. As you note I adore strings; the cinematic element they bring to music is transportive. I have an incredible composer I work with and he nailed this one; it’s so romantic. I’ve worked on this EP to harness a widescreen grandeur yet also retain an intimacy, an ASMR quality. ‘Lonely Heartbeats’ achieves this quite well. 

“How long can we hold on until we fall?” you sing in the chorus. There is a clear tension between the characters – evoking a fear possibly of diving into something deeper than themselves (as you also mention). Do you feel the track may give listeners the confidence to address those fears in life? 

I mean that would be an amazing thing wouldn’t it but I won’t dare to say that. Though the tension you mention is definitely there in the song and story. It is a sort of self-motivation notion between the two characters. 

As part of a complex maze of personal decisions the lead character is making in the track, you sing, “rules don’t apply.” Is there a hidden set of rules to follow before letting yourself go? Is it harder than first look? 

Oh interesting question. I think maybe we impose rules upon ourselves as we get older and more experienced. Unlike first loves where it’s emotionally out of control and a huge rush. We protect ourselves and can feel a resistance to jump. 

The track subtly introduced a female voice appearing in the last third of the track. Was it important to you to give representation to the other character, to tell their side of the story? 

Yes, very. The whole idea of this song was the duality of the relationship. It’s one I wanted to reflect in the spoken word section and the artwork campaign – detailing intimate close moments. The artwork for the single shows her kissing my temple and perhaps even whispering into my ear, which was the effect I wanted from that section of the song. 

A lot of the tracks released so far sees your storytelling as a supreme element both lyrically and visually in the videos. Do you think this helps paint a stronger picture of the theme in the mind of the listener? 

I hope so, especially when you get it spot on. It certainly does for me as a fan of music. I feel that [I am a] little closer and more involved in an artist’s vision. Lyrics especially are what keep me coming back to songs.

Is there a video on the way for this latest track? Do you think it’s a strong medium to further portray the storytelling aspect? 

There is indeed; coming very soon. We shot it out here in Barcelona. I do yes, I think the visuals are key to building the world and story. To let the audience be immersed if you will. 

When producing the track you worked with Oli Bayston and then mixed by Dan Grech. How was that collaboration and did the track emerge differently than what you first expected? 

These two are very special and have become a consistent duo for me and the eventual album. Oli has been a friend for a long while and producing this song with him was a real joy. Dan brings a lot to my music, helping to craft a grandeur yet still bringing an intimacy. I think they both really brought out what I was hoping and aiming towards on this one. 

Bringing your show to St. Pancras Old Church must be a special feeling. Are you looking forward to this more intimate show?

I’m so excited for it, yeah. I’ve missed playing live so much. I also love that intimate show vibe. I’m able to manoeuvre the arrangements and hear songs in different forms. It’s a real great test of how strong a song actually is when stripping it all back. 

A small trip to Europe is on the cards in April; have you played in those countries before? What can fans expect from the setlist? 

I have played in a few of them yes but not all – I hope it can become a very regular occurrence. They can expect a load of romanticism and a couple of cheesy singalong covers. 

Have a fantastic time on tour – best of luck and thanks for speaking with me! 

Thank you! Really enjoyed it, George x 

You can catch George on tour in Europe in April starting in Berlin on the 25th, followed by Amsterdam on the 26th and Milan on the 29th. The short tour concludes at St. Pancras Old Church in London on 5th May. 

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