Flawes are encapsulating the feeling of the moment. The combination of experiencing sunshine here in the UK, alongside frantically making plans for June 21st, has definitely left a feeling of positivity in the air. And If we needed a soundtrack for this feeling, Flawes would definitely be happy to provide. With music that has been dubbed as “radiating positivity and optimism”, and a band name derived from the idea that it is only once we embrace our imperfections that we experience true joy, Flawes are all about the glass being half full. We caught up with them to discuss the release of their new EP ‘Reverie’, their advice for new musicians post COVID-19 and what their secret is to staying so upbeat. 

First of all, introduce yourselves! How are you? What have you got up today? 

JC: Heyyy, thanks for having us. We are JC (singer) , Freddie (guitarist) & Huss (Drummer). We are writing these answers in 3 totally different locations so who knows what is going to happen. Today consists of Zoom writing sessions and drinking lots of Yorkshire Tea, much like every day right now. 

Where are you right now? What can you see while you’re answering these questions?

Freddie: I’m currently in my home studio! I’ve spent the whole day programming sounds on my pedal board so I’m a little square eyed haha. I’m surrounded by guitars and musical equipment… my happy place!

How is 2021 treating you so far?

Huss: I can’t complain, I’m happy, healthy and my local shop is very good at keeping its stocks of red wine up haha. But yeah 2021 is great so far, it’s going to be an exciting year as things start to open back up. Fingers crossed.

So your EP ‘Reverie’ is out today. How would you describe it in three words?

JC: Uplifting. Empowering. Euphoric.

What track featured on ‘Reverie’ means the most to you? 

JC:  I think by being inherently optimistic I naturally and subconsciously gravitate towards positive themes and that is definitely the case running through the whole of ‘Reverie’. ‘I Don’t Quit For No One’ is perhaps the most personal song on the EP. The song is an uplifting, self empowering take on refusing to allow someone’s negative opinions and attitude to get me down. The song looks ahead positively towards potential good times and drives home the feeling of I’m not going to quit no matter what anyone says or does.

I’m really intrigued about the idea behind ‘Against All Odds’, a track about surviving adversity, but especially about survival as musicians during this turbulent time. Do you believe COVID-19 has changed people’s ideas surrounding the legitimacy of music as a career path?

Freddie: I hope not! I think music has always been a super competitive industry, but I’d say to someone considering the career: “if there are people out there making it work, why can’t that be you?”. Against All Odds embodied that attitude! One silver lining is that the pandemic has given musicians a big window to work on writing new material. We’ve really tried to make the most of it in that sense, and ‘Reverie’ is a result of that unplanned downtime!

With ‘Reverie’ you’ve created a world to escape into. Where do you go in real life to get away from it all?

Freddie: I think we each have different things that help us switch off. I’m the self proclaimed old man of the band haha… I love reading and exercising, and find that running is an especially good way to take your headspace elsewhere. And while it’s an obvious answer as a musician, playing guitar really has that effect on me too. It’s so easy to start jamming and look up after what seems like a few minutes to realise you’ve been playing for hours.

You guys seemed to have blossomed during lockdown – releasing a lot of new music and piloting your successful ‘Isolation Series’. What lessons from this period will you take forwards as we look towards the end of lockdown this summer (hopefully!)?

Huss: Well our collective coping strategy with the lockdown was to set up home studios, learn how to record ourselves and be as productive as we can be in this time. I think that’ll continue for us, it’s a great way for us to carry on being creative and write a ton of new music together (but not together) haha.

Your music has been dubbed as ‘radiating positivity and optimism’. How do you try and stay upbeat?

Freddie: We’re all optimistic guys! I think we all were before Flawes started, but being in a band together has made us even more so. If one of us is feeling down or looking at a situation in a negative light, the other members will be sure to pick that person up; we’re like a little family!

The band partially formed through childhood connection. What music did you listen to as teenagers and what role did it have in your life?

Huss: Yeah we all definitely grew up with different influences, personally I listened to a lot of bands like Blink 182, Fall Out Boy and New Found Glory. I loved that whole pop punk scene. It was great music to play drums to. As I got a little older I started listening to more Hiphop music artists like Kendrick Lamar and a ton of Lil wayne haha! It’s all influenced the way I play, and the energy I have when playing the drums.

Tell me about the scene in Huddersfield. How does your home shape who you are as musicians?

Huss: The music scene in Huddersfield growing up was not all that happening, although saying that we did go to gigs quite a bit, but not many (if any) touring bands came through. You had to go to Manchester or Leeds for that. But we put on our own shows and found a way of being self sufficient. I think that was a big factor in why both me and JC moved to London. Obviously there’s a lot more going on down here and a lot more opportunity. There are still some great venues in Huddersfield though, and actually we went back and played The Parish there in 2019. It was SUCH a fun home town show, all our school friends showed up, we had a wonderful time. 

It’s Valentine’s Day coming up – have you got any exciting plans?

JC: I actually got engaged a few months ago (a lockdown engagement). We don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day but this year being our first as fiances I’m pulling out all the stops. Unfortunately for you though, as it hasn’t happened yet I can’t risk telling you and the surprise being ruined. You can take my word that it will be a fantastically romantic occasion though haha.

What’s next for Flawes?

Freddie: We’re itching to get back on tour so will be first in the queue whenever we’re allowed to do so safely! Until then, you can expect lots more content on our socials as well as videos over on our YouTube channel and most importantly, more music! Thanks for having us.

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