Final Cannes – plus a “thank you” note for Dior

It might be over, but before we close the doors on this years Cannes Festival and the Dior team, we must complete the story. Firstly, Kim Jones and Dior menswear have continued to dress gentlemen. The list continues and grows with the following: Raphael Quenard, Alain Chabat, Damien Bonnard, Pierre Casiraghi, Lucas Dhont, Pierre Gasly, Julien de Saint Jean, and Patrick Mille

It is also important to note that the extraordinary Dior beauty and skincare teams have helped many of these gentlemen look their absolute best. Today with filters and technical support, online and in the social media and digital world, we can look “perfect” or simply enhanced. This means the look we offer to the huge crowd of jostling photographers in the bright seaside Cannes light, against the red carpet, is even more important. At whatever stage of a career the actor may be, and whatever age or gender, these moments count, and Dior has the infrastructure to offer a myriad group of stars this support. In the salons they can offer so much, from Dior Vernis and manicures through to treatments and products from the Dior luxury skincare collections to Dior cosmetics, and I’m absolute sure – one of the great Christian Dior fragrances such as “New Look” or Eau Sauvage”. 

Over the final days of the festival and including the awards and Gala finish there have been more Dior’s walking up the stairs and into premieres and meetings or interviews. We must mention Mallory Wanecque in pale dawn blush pink Dior cocktail dress, strapless and slender, decorated with two exquisitely formed stylised roses across the bust. 

Mina Kavani wore a classic Dior style sundress with an astrological print in black tracery. Camille Cottin wore two contrasted but linear looks; a severe black trouser suit with wider leg pants and a shawl collar and a long white gown entirely embroidered with droplets and crystals as well as pearls, like dew scattered across the surface.  Souhella Yacoub wore and asymmetric feathered top, like a single black bird’s wing paired with strict black wool and silk pants. Sara Giraudeau looked amazing in a black silk skirt and jacket, pure Dior in style, delicately embroidered with scattered dragonflies, whilst Valery Kaufman dripped fringe with cascades of jet beading, it was reminiscent of the 1920’s yet also modern in its textural layering. A floor length dress in deepest purple velvet was worn by Beatrice Borromeo, Maria Grazia often selected deep rich tones for evening, almost in Renaissance tones. Finally, Rawdah Mohamed wore a stunning geranium red satin New Look suit actually inspired by “Zemire” from Christian Dior’s 1954 couture collection. A line for line copy of the great satin original exists in red at the V & A in London and this new inspiration mixes elements and then creates its own story. Worn with a matching hat over a hijab, the long slender sleeves to the wrist and the skirt almost ankle length it combined perfectly modest dress with glamour, and Red-Carpet impact with elegance and sums up so well the versatility and creativity of Maria Grazia Chiuri and the Dior teams. 

Please note, this is not an advertorial, but Dior have been wonderfully helpful in information, and I would especially like to thank Press at Dior London. I selected only womenswear, which is no reflection on the menswear, simply space, plus I have long lists of the many people who went through the doors of the Dior makeup, skincare, and nail salons at Cannes, but again space limits meant I’ve not included this. 

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