FERBY today reveals striking new offering ‘Every Night’

A 22 year old Gemini with a self-admitted split personality, FERBY today reveals a striking new offering, Every Night. Hailing from Lyttelton, a liberal arts hub in New Zealand, FERBY creates music that’s hard to pinpoint. Think Princess Nokia, Ashnikko, and JunglePussy mixed with a bit of Miley Cyrus’ illicit pop-edged and you’re pretty much there. ‘Every Night’ is her second release and justifies the hype that came with her first track. ‘ Bad Vibes Stuck In My Teeth’. Speaking on the track, FERBY states:

“Every Night is about the appreciation of friendships you have especially in the context of being in a bad relationship. Those friendships can be a lot more dream like and romantic than your actual partner.”

Look out for more very soon! 

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