Elijah James is a recording artist hailing from Pasadena California, with a unique sound like no other. Elijah James began developing his sound within the confines of his home set-up. Mastering his writing and producing craft, James infuses an eclectic mixture of artistic influences from the likes of Phil Collins, Nate Dogg, Andre 3000, Thom Yorke, Lauryn Hill, Kanye West and James Blake. 

Taking inspiration from his own life experiences and translating that through his songwriting abilities, Elijah signed to Grammy-nominated rapper Joyner Lucas in 2017. “WYM” polishes off the last of his 5 individual track releases for his debut EP “The Essence”, which is an eclectic mixture of RNB sonics. 
“WYM” is an expressive record about being in love with someone who doesn’t have those mutual feelings. It is a contemporary, smooth track which reveals Elijah’s music-making expertise. Talking about the track Elijah says:

“It’s something I felt a lot of people could relate to but sometimes it’s hard to admit experiencing something like that, especially as a man. Music can be an easy outlet to express emotions you wouldn’t otherwise be able to express on a social level, so mirroring that experience is something I really wanted to accomplish with this record.”

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