Editorial Lady pop chic

Photographer: Deedee Morgane
instagram @deedee_morgane

Muah: Audrey

Stylist / Designer: Myriam Rahali
instagram @myriamrahali

Model: Angelika Diamond

Look 1
Dress: Textile Federation
Socks: Jonathan Aston
Shoes: New Look
Ring: Hema
Bracelets: Oasis


Look 2
Denim vest: Vila
Skirt: Myriam Rahali
Socks: Jonathan Aston
Shoes: Stradivarius
Necklace: H&M

Look 3
Coat: Gérard Darel
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: New look
Ring: Oasis
Bag: Asos

Look 4
Cap: Myriam Rahali
Skirt: Myriam Rahali
Ring: Designsix
Underwear: Etam
Sneakers: Asos

Look 5
Headband: Coast
Dress: Tara Jarmon

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