Dynamic musical duo BLVCK VIØLET, comprised of Harrison Walker and Sam Hurst, proudly unveils their latest Pop creation, “lonely in love,” now available through Salt House Records. This emotionally resonant single navigates the complexities of an eight-year bittersweet love saga, inspired by Sam Hurst’s personal journey. Through lush vocals and an enthralling melody, “lonely in love” explores the trials of a lasting relationship, placing emphasis on the challenges of communication and connection.

The poignant lyrics, featuring phrases like ‘lonely in love’ and ‘stranger cradled in my arms,’ adeptly convey the emotional odyssey of two individuals acknowledging the unavoidable distance that time brings. Despite these hurdles, the song beautifully captures the solace found in their mutual decision to part ways, leaving audiences yearning for more of the duo’s compelling storytelling.

“I don’t know you anymore / We used to drive away for long weekends / But now my seat is taken by your friends / I’m getting used to being second best” – excerpts from the lyrics of “lonely in love” by BLVCK VIØLET.

BLVCK VIØLET’s signature sound, characterized by robust beats and seamless melodies, draws inspiration from a diverse array of artists, including Post Malone, Sam Tomkins, and Holly Humberstone. Their distinctive musical approach has garnered attention, securing a top-five spot in a national competition at BBC Radio 1 introducing live lounge. This achievement paved the way for a Live Lounge Spot at BBC Introducing Solent, marking a significant milestone in their musical journey.

The duo’s collaboration began in January 2022, when Harrison Walker and Sam Hurst joined forces over Zoom, resulting in a unique R&B pop sound. Employing a self-produced approach, BLVCK VIØLET successfully blends lively instrumentals with meaningful lyrics, captivating audiences and establishing a reputation for engaging live performances.

Their commitment and talent have recently earned them a signing with Salt House Records and a publishing deal with Big Hug Publishing. Looking forward, BLVCK VIØLET is gearing up for an EP release, accompanied by an exciting lineup of festival appearances and live shows scheduled for 2024.

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