Claire Brooks Makes Waves with New Double Drop: ‘Hibernation’ and ‘Slowly Towards The Door’

LA newcomer Claire Brooks continues to build buzz with stellar double drop, Hibernation’ and ‘Slowly Towards The Door’. Blending eclectic delivery and innovative production, Brooks delivers two distinct auditory experiences that strongly highlight her as an artist to watch this year. Dive into both below!

Claire Brooks is a 24 year old singer/writer/producer/sound bender/performer, who  is successfully inserting herself into a part of every step of her creative process. Her soundscape lies in the realm of psychedelic-indie-pop, entwined with R&B vocals and raps, all laced with a sexy, jazzy flair.

With a voice as soulful as Sade blended with a clever rap style, Claire is influenced by a wide range of artists, from Mac Miller to Maesago, Still Woozy and Remi Wolf. Her style and sound can be catagorised as the perfect combination of Amy Winehouse meets Mac Miller. Brooks is dedicated to crafting innovative and emotionally resonant music, driven by her diverse influences and seamless blending of genres.

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