Charlotte Sands: Crafting Melodies, Embracing Evolution

In the enchanting realm where nostalgia and contemporary flair converge, Charlotte Sands emerges as a prolific figure, channelling the spirit of influential artists like Michelle Branch, Sheryl Crow, Hayley Williams, and Alanis Morissette. As the harbinger of a new era in pop/rock, Charlotte Sands invites us into her world, where each lyric is a thread woven from the fabric of her personal experiences.

Amidst the vibrancy of her upcoming album, “can we start over?” and the evocative single “blindspot,” Sands graciously opens up about her journey, artistic inspirations, and the delicate balance between creative independence and the demands of the music industry.

Join us as we delve into the melody-laden tapestry of Charlotte Sands’ music, exploring the influences that shaped her, the pivotal moments that fueled her artistic flame, and the profound introspection encapsulated in her latest body of work. Get ready to embark on a sonic voyage that traverses time and emotion, guided by an artist who fearlessly stands at the intersection of vulnerability and strength.

Happy New Year, Charlotte. To kick things off, how was your festive season?

Same to you! It was great! I was lucky enough to spend it with my family and friends.

Growing up, were there any specific musical influences or experiences that sparked your passion for creating music?

My parents are both very creative and always played music around the house, which caught my interest at a young age. My dad plays every instrument and was never without a guitar, no matter what we were doing. I was fortunate to be surrounded by music and art every day, and I didn’t even realize at the time how extraordinary that was. They were definitely the biggest influence on me and what led to my interest in music.

Can you share a childhood memory or moment that you believe had a lasting impact on your journey as an artist?

I remember winning the talent show when I was in high school, and it was the first time I had ever won anything. I’ve never been so surprised in my entire life. I remember that moment and being really proud of myself, feeling very validated in my dream of pursuing a career in music.

Family often plays a crucial role in one’s support system. How has your family’s support influenced your decision to pursue a music career, especially as an independent artist?

My family is everything to me. They’ve supported me my entire life and have always motivated me to pursue my dreams. My siblings worked hard and proved to me that much was possible with dedication. I learned a lot from them and recognized how similar my career was to running a small business. Their influence gave me a broader understanding of being an entrepreneur and navigating the world with confidence.

Navigating the music industry can be challenging. Can you reflect on any lessons or advice from your early years in the industry that have stuck with you throughout your career?

I vividly remember someone telling me, “You either play to empty rooms at the beginning of your career or the end. Which career would you prefer?”. This resonated so much with me because it made me realize how important creating a sustainable career is compared to overnight success. I decided that I would much rather work hard for years and have a strong foundation than constantly go viral or have a “moment” of fame. I want a career that lasts my entire life, and that is what I’m currently building.

The press release mentions your experiences of watching friends have feelings for others, which inspired “blindspot.” Are there other personal experiences from your life that frequently find their way into your songwriting?

I only really write about personal experiences. Every song I’ve released has been about my life and my relationships with other people, as well as myself. Writing songs to me feels like journaling, so it always ends up being brutally honest.

As someone who values creative independence, how do you strike a balance between staying true to your artistic vision and navigating the demands of the music industry?

This will forever be a struggle, but it is something I think most artists and creatives are experiencing right now. We live in a world where people want a million things at once with a press of a button, and it’s impossible to keep up with those demands. I think there is a middle ground of not sacrificing your art or your self-worth while also trying to be consistent but intentional with what you’re putting out into the world. It is forever a difficult place to be in, but also comforting knowing that everyone most likely feels very similar.

Charlotte Sands Interview for House of Solo

The upcoming album, “can we start over?” seems to reflect personal growth and change. Can you share a pivotal moment or realization in your life that inspired the themes explored in this album?

I think this album represents stepping into my confidence a little more and allowing myself to have boundaries and higher expectations. Writing “use me” was really helpful to me because the song made me feel more powerful, and because of that, I was able to pour that into the lyrics and into the song as a whole. I walked into the session feeling confused and small, and I left the session feeling empowered and proud of myself, which translated into the rest of my life and into the rest of the songs we made.

“blindspot” and the upcoming album, “can we start over?” seem to carry a nostalgic vibe. Can you share more about the inspiration behind the album and what listeners can expect from the overall theme?

A lot of the album was inspired by artists like Michelle Branch, Sherl Crow, Hayley Williams, Alanis Morissette, and so many others. I loved the sound of ’90s/early 2000’s music and the way they incorporated acoustic guitars and live drums. I really wanted to make music similar to what I grew up listening to. I drew from a lot of different bands from different times and genres, but these women will always have an influence on everything I make.

The “blindspot” music video is now available. How does the visual representation complement the message of the song, and what was the creative process like in bringing the video to life?

I always wanted the video for this song to be something simple so that the song could have its moment without too much distraction. When I decided on making one-shot videos for all of the music videos, I knew that I wanted to showcase the isolation of being backstage versus the performance elements of being an artist. I wanted the audience to see behind the scenes of that process. I wanted it to feel human and organic, as if someone was just hanging out with me while making a music video.

Your upcoming world headline tour kicks off on March 7th, spanning multiple countries. What excites you the most about taking your music to a global audience, and do you have any specific expectations or goals for the tour?

I am so excited for the tour. I love being on the road, performing my songs live, and getting to see so many wonderful people and places. I’m most excited about visiting beautiful places and getting to explore and interact with people that I’ve known online for so long. It’s always the most rewarding feeling.

The album includes singles like “blindspot,” “use me,” “pity,” and “get over it,” along with new songs. Can you highlight the significance of these tracks, and how they contribute to the overall narrative of “can we start over?”

These songs are some of my favorites I’ve ever written, and I’m so incredibly proud that they’re out in the world. I wrote all four of those songs with the same people (Keith “Ten4” Sorrels, Alex Nice, and Jutes) and after those sessions, I immediately knew that I wanted to make an album so all of the songs could live together. They all represent something different to me and are all about different personal experiences, significantly adding context to who I am as a person. Separately they’re about one moment or part of my personality, but together they shape a chapter of my life.

Being a fiercely independent artist, how has the journey been for you in maintaining creative control over your music while achieving significant milestones, such as charting at Top 40 radio and touring with renowned acts?

I am so incredibly proud of being an independent artist and am so proud of the very small team of people that make it possible. Ownership over my art has always been extremely important to me, and I decided a very long time ago that I wouldn’t

give that up until I was able to partner with the right team and right people. I feel very protective over the music I make and over the business we’ve created, and I always want to remain in control of it. We’ve been able to accomplish so much in the last few years it’s genuinely hard to believe. It is so much work, and I am constantly asking myself, “Why am I still doing all of this when there are so many people capable of helping me?” but then I very quickly remind myself how important it is to wait for the right partners, and I feel very confident that I am on the right track.

The title of your debut album, “can we start over?” suggests a theme of renewal and self-discovery. Could you delve into the meaning behind the title and how it encapsulates the essence of the entire album?

This song was written about resetting and asking people to meet you where you are now. We have all changed and grown so much and will continue to, and I think it’s so important to give yourself permission to evolve. I wanted to make a song about that feeling and about coming into your own and moving forward with people instead of dwelling on the past. This entire album is about my life and about my relationships and about my feelings towards myself and that all changes frequently. Instead of me trying to write for other people and their expectations, I wrote and will continue to write songs about where I am now and things that are important to me without all the added pressure to be someone else or someone I may not be anymore.

Charlotte Sands Interview for House of Solo

The press release mentions a whirlwind of collaboration and creativity in bringing the album to life. Can you share some insights into the collaborative process and how it influenced the final outcome of the project?

I’m so lucky to have been able to work with so many incredible people on this project and am so grateful to them for lending me their time and talent. Most of it was written in LA and happened really organically without the expectation of making an album. The rooms that I was in were so collaborative, and everyone involved was so supportive and made sure to amplify my thoughts and feelings instead of changing or diminishing them, which led to a really safe environment. It’s so important to feel comfortable when writing songs that are so personal to you, and I’m very grateful to the writers and producers who prioritized that for me, leading to us getting so many songs that I love.

You’ve mentioned that the album represents standing firmly in the present and letting go of the past. How do you hope your audience connects with this message, and what do you want them to take away from the album as a whole?

I hope the audience realizes that it’s okay to change their mind. It’s okay to love something one day and grow out of it; it’s okay to change your expectations; it’s okay to evolve. I think it’s so important to allow yourself space to change, and sometimes people can make you feel guilty for wanting more or just wanting something different. I’m here to say it is okay. The entire human experience is about exploring, questioning, and evolving, and I want people to feel comfortable doing so at any age.

The tour schedule includes various cities across the US, UK, Australia, and Europe. Are there any specific venues or locations that you are particularly excited to perform in, and what can fans expect from your live performances?

I am very excited to play Paradise Rock Club in Boston because it’s my hometown and forever my favorite show to play. I’m also VERY excited for Poland, Glasgow, London, and Cologne because they were some of the most energetic fans last time I was there. I also cannot wait for Australia because I’ve never been!

Looking ahead, where do you envision yourself in the next two years, both professionally and personally? Are there specific goals or milestones you hope to achieve during this time frame?

My only goals as of right now are to feel happy and fulfilled. I want to make things I love with people I love, and I want to feel proud of what I am creating. It sounds so simple compared to goals like “Wembley” or “10 Grammys,” but I think for the first time in my life I’m trying to focus more on goals that will feed my soul as an artist and as a very normal person. (10 Grammys sound pretty nice too though) <3

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