Charlotte Lawrence is making her return this month with a gorgeous new single, ‘ Morning’.  Connecting with Andy Park and Ben Gibbard from Death Cab For Cutie , the track captures Charlotte at her introspective best, laying her floaty vocals over a guitar led arrangement.  A track about negotiating heartbreak, ‘ Morning’ showcases Charlotte’s ability to write pop songs that manage to sound far more upbeat than the subject matter. Speaking on the track, she states:

“’ Morning’ is my first collaboration with Ben Gibbard. Death Cab and The Postal Service were huge influences in my formative years of songwriting and lyric appreciation. To work with a hero of mine and have him and Andy Park, so graciously, make me feel as though I was on their level and create a safe place where we could be vulnerable, elevated me to a place where I feel I have made the best art I have been able to make thus far,” shared Charlotte. “I am so proud of this song because I believe it reflects my point of view both lyrically and musically as a woman just trying to heal some pain and figure out how I feel and what I want. It’s okay to not always know. That’s part of the journey and I’m okay with that.”

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