Cate Musical Journey – from Small-Town Melodies to London’s Beat

In the realm of music, every artist weaves a unique tapestry of experiences, melodies, and emotions, crafting a symphony that resonates with audiences far and wide. In this exclusive interview, we step into the vibrant world of Cate, a rising star whose musical journey unfolds like a captivating melody.

As the sun sets on a pleasant afternoon, Cate graciously invites us into her world, sharing the simple joys that mark her day. From a tidied room to heartfelt conversations with her mother, the positivity sets the stage for a conversation that goes beyond the surface, delving into the intricacies of her life and the harmonies that define it.

Hailing from a small town near Vancouver, Cate’s tale takes an unexpected turn with a move to the bustling streets of London. What started as a pursuit of professional songwriting during the tumultuous days of lockdown resulted in the creation of her first EP, adding a new chapter to her musical narrative. Join us as we explore the contrasts between the serene landscapes of Canada and the pulsating energy of London, learning how each locale has left an indelible mark on her artistry.

From school days to the heartstrings of childhood, Cate shares the notes that shaped her musical evolution. The echoes of Dolly Parton and Shania Twain resonate through her upbringing, woven into the fabric of her creativity. The interview unravels the threads of family influence, from her mother’s curated playlist to the profound impact of her grandfather’s timeless classics.

As we venture into the genesis of her latest single, “One Hit Wonder,” a playful joke with friends transforms into a chart-topping anthem. The creative process comes to life as Cate shares the whimsical origins and the realization of the track’s potential, offering an intimate glimpse into the making of her music.

The interview navigates the fusion of country storytelling and pop beats, exploring how Cate’s influences shape her distinctive sound. Acclaim and recognition become part of the conversation, and Cate graciously reflects on the impact on her creative process, maintaining a genuine perspective on her journey.

The narrative crescendos as we delve into the heart of live performances, where the real rewards of touring come to light. The connection forged with the audience becomes palpable, translating numbers into faces and screams into shared experiences. We catch a glimpse of the magic that unfolds on stage, making each performance a unique and cherished memory.

Teasing the future, Cate offers insights into upcoming collaborations and projects, leaving fans in eager anticipation. The interview concludes with reflections on her growth as a performer, dreams of returning to her Canadian roots, and a heartfelt message to her dedicated fanbase.

Join us on this melodic odyssey as we unravel the chaotic, wholesome, and friendship-filled journey of Cate, a promising artist whose story promises more harmonies and heartfelt melodies in the years to come.

Let’s talk about your upbringing. You were born in Canada. How does your upbringing there compare to your experiences in London, and what brought you to London?

It’s sooo different. I grew up in a small town outside of Vancouver so things there are very different from here. I moved to London to start writing for other people in 2020 and ended up writing my first EP in lockdown. I’d say just the business of London is the biggest difference for me. I miss driving and being in nature, but I love London so much because there’s always something to do. 

How was school for you? Did you have a lot of friends, or were you more of a keep-to-yourself type? 

I liked school! I wouldn’t say I loved it. I hung out with a few friends and sometimes my teachers at lunch. I made my best friends in grade 10 so after that it was really fun. 

When did you realize that music was your passion, and how did you decide to pursue it professionally?

I realised pretty young I wanted to do music and that I loved it! I fell in love with Dolly Parton and Shania Twain when my mom would play them all throughout the house. I quickly learned all my favourite songs on guitar, and I was hooked.

How have your parents influenced your musical journey?

My mom was always playing music around the house on the weekends. I’d wake up to Shania Twain’s “Come On Over” being played constantly – so that definitely impacted the artists I listened to. My grandpa is the musical one in our family though. He can pick up an instrument and only have it for a few weeks before he’d be playing it at church. He introduced me to Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, and Loretta Lynn.

Cate, I’d love to delve into your latest single, “One Hit Wonder,” which has recently hit the airwaves, creating a buzz in the pop scene. Could you share with us the inspiration behind the track and the creative process that brought it to life?

The whole song started as a joke with my friends Elle and Corey in a session with another artist. After the session, we stood outside the studio and wrote the chorus in a few minutes (still joking about it). After listening to it a few days later we realised it was actually good and then finished it a few days later!

Your new single has a unique country-infused acoustic sound. How do your musical influences, such as Dolly Parton and Hannah Montana, shape your approach to pop music?

I grew up learning Dolly Parton songs on my guitar before writing my own. I think when I’m writing with my guitar when I’m alone the songs always sound a bit country. I love how country music tells stories – and that’s what I love doing with my own music. 

You’ve received some impressive accolades, being called the “new sheriff in town” by DORK and deemed destined for big things by 1883. How does this acclaim impact your creative process, and do you feel any added pressure? 

I’m just so flattered that anyone enjoys my music. I never really thought I’d be doing this as my career even though it was my dream – so it just makes me feel good about what I’m doing.

Since your debut in 2019, you’ve garnered over 10 million overall Spotify listeners. What has been the most rewarding aspect of your musical journey so far, especially in terms of connecting with your audience?

Touring I think would be the most rewarding. I don’t see the numbers and think of them in terms of success because it all seems so crazy to me, but when I tour and see the faces of all the people who are listening/ screaming the words it makes it all feel real and worth it.

You recently embarked on a UK headline tour and supported Gretta Ray in Australia. Can you share what fans experienced during your live performances and give us insights into how you prepared to bring the energy to the stage?

I was so proud of this previous UK tour, it was just so fun. Someone described my shows once by saying it’s what the inside of a girl’s bathroom is like (as in the kindness and hyping each other up). Everyone is so kind and amazing at the shows – this time around at almost every stop there was a fan project that made me consistently cry haha.

“One Hit Wonder” was born out of a playful joke with friends. Can you share a bit about your creative process? How do you turn everyday experiences or jokes into full-fledged songs?

I am always writing in my notes app, and I’m always thinking of how my life translates into songs. I also write a lot with my friends who know me so well – which makes my music more personal I feel.

Looking ahead, what’s next for Cate? Any upcoming projects or collaborations you can give us a sneak peek into?

I have a song with Donovan Woods coming out this Friday (Nov 17th)! I’ve been a fan of Donovan’s since high school so it’s kind of a dream come true to have a song with him. 

Your music is often described as infectious and confessional pop. How do you aim to connect with your audience through your songs, and what kind of messages or emotions do you hope they take away from your music?

I just want to be as honest as I can with my music and make people feel like they’re not alone in their feelings. 

You’ve supported Maisie Peters and performed at The Great Escape Festival. How has your journey from those early stages shaped you as an artist, and how do you see your music evolving in the future?

As a performer, I think I’ve grown so much in the past 2 years. I played in country bands growing up and talent shows singing a lot of other people’s songs, so it’s so rewarding to be able to tour and sing my own music. I want to eventually tour America and come home to Canada.

What would you tell your 18-year-old self if you could say anything, knowing what you know now? 

To not be so hard on myself and to get your butt to London. 

What’s coming up next for you in 2024? 

Lots and lots of new music

If you were to reflect on your journey so far, how would you sum it up? 

Chaotic, wholesome, and full of amazing friends that I’ll have for the rest of my life.

Thank you so much for joining us today, Cate. Before we wrap up, any final thoughts or messages you’d like to share with your fans and listeners?

Thank you so much for having me!! I guess to just lookout for new music next year, I’m so excited about it as it’s my favourite stuff I’ve written so far

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