Brighton based collective LOYAL today release new EP ‘PRE-BATTLE’

Brighton based collective LOYAL today release new EP ‘PRE-BATTLE’, a stunning body of work from a collective making a stellar return in 2022. Led by the vibrant title track, the EP serves as a triumphant statement of intent. Having gained support from areas from Stereogum, Pigeons & Planes,  The Line Of Best Fit and more, ‘PRE-BATTLE’ is a sprawling listen. Speaking on the release, they state:

This is a prequel to “Moving as one” a song in a desolate landscape, a very visual and textural piece that identifies hope in a bleak time. There are so many layers to the song and all parts recorded using juju from the late Conny Plank’s cherry red mixing console. This thing ran so hot that we work into nights using the glow of the console. 

In the track you can hear choirs parts that follow the lead as she finds her way to the truth supported by a brooding backing track. We are endless tweakers but this track could never be pulled apart without falling apart, so we left it pretty much how we started it, raw.  

“This is the time, we’re calling out. As the fuel that once raised us high burns us down”

Look out for more from them soon!

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