The Blaze: You call it madness, but I call it love

Twinkling with romance and hope, the words of Nat King Cole, ‘You call it madness, but I call it Love’, sets the tone for The Blazes’ music video ‘Virile’. The video then fades into a room where two men become a fusion of smoking, dancing and singing as you watch a scene that makes you smile with happiness and sadness simultaneously. The word ‘Virile’ is scribbled onto the hazy windows as their intimate and giddy friendship is spaced out into the view of the block of flats. The onlooker spirals out into the haunting lyrics ‘we’ll never be alone, ‘cause everything will be so bright’.

This was the beginning for the French duo, cousins Guillaume and Jonathan Alric, who are better known as The Blaze. Their story began with the 2016 track ‘Virile’. Since then, they have released their 2017 debut EP called ‘Territory’ and are playing at Coachella this April.


Their music melts together the intoxicating feel of dub music with the deep, sentimental voices of the cousins. Their lyrics speak truth and preach captivating sermons of love, home, being young and friendship.

The cousins are both music producers and film directors. Their commendable work ethic, and invigorating sounds, has seen them headline at Pitchfork Paris, last year, and pick up a multitude of awards.

The term ‘blaze’ alludes to a fiercely burning fire, which sparks with warmth and vigour: a term that aptly fits with these two men. Blaze is also slang for ‘name’ in French. The Blaze have certainly stated their name and claimed their rightful territory in the music world. I look forward to seeing their blaze on many achievements in the future.


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