Billy Lockett shares exclusive behind the scene video shoot

Meet Billy Lockett, the Northampton born singer and songwriter who is gracing the music scene with his impeccable new sound. From performing at our favourite festivals Wilderness and Live at Leeds, to playing alongside artists Alex Vargas and Billie Martin; to being named as the One to Watch by the Metro, Evening Standard and The Independent.  He stands the test of time with his latest single Empty House and House of Solo sits down with Billy to discuss musical inspirations, touring with Lana Del Ray and his latest song release.

Your sound is extremely beautiful, where do you get your inspiration from? 

Ah thank you so much for thinking it’s beautiful! I get my inspiration from whatever feels right at the time. Sometimes you can get a phrase or word which spirals out. Sometimes it’s just a pattern of chords on the piano that gives me a vibe to expand but it all has to boil down to how it makes you feel every second of the way through the song.

What can you tell me about your new single “Empty House” – is there a specific influence behind the track?

Empty House is about my past. I grew up with just my dad in a big old town house that was falling apart. When he died I remember how empty and strange the house felt and so it’s all about that.

Can you elaborate further on the process of the video shoot as this was your biggest production to date, what were the challenges (if any) and which elements of the shoot did you find most enjoyable? 

Yeah this was an amazing experience. I’ve shot videos before this, but it was just one camera with me playing piano in a room. This shoot was a big film crew lots of cameras a director and actors, so it was pretty mind blowing for me to see so many people working around a song I had written. It was an honour to watch such amazing actors work and to see the organisation and focus everyone had was really inspiring. I loved how Ethan the director had a vision from the beginning of what he wanted and would do anything he could to get it. For me personally I was extremely nervous as I am not an actor in any way, so I wasn’t sure I’d do a great job but they all made me feel really comfortable on set and it turned out looking great!

What was it like touring with artists as prolific as Lana Del Ray?

Touring with Lana was an amazing opportunity which I’m immensely grateful for! I never actually got to meet her sadly but was lucky enough to see her set for free! Haha

Who would be your dream artist to sing/produce an album with? And why this particular collaboration?

I’d love to collaborate with Einaudi, he’s a modern day classical pianist from Italy. His piano scores are beautiful and there are so many I can imagine a vocal line over the top for. I think it would sounds so nice. Maybe one day I’ll meet him and talk about it.

Tell us a bit more about your plans for the rest of 2018?

My next plans for 2018 are a home town show in Northampton in May then I’m going to be in the studio writing the album and putting the final touches on my next singles. I’m looking forward to festival season starting and then after that I’m planning something massive in London, I can’t say much more about it yet but it’s going to be huge.

Full track:

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Empty House is produced by My Riot (Birdy, London Grammar)

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