Berthold Private Order Evening-AW 18

Berthold, an Austrian born designer now based in London, collaborated with artist Ed Fornieles for an exciting Fall collection. Berthold frees his clothes from defined shapes as well using different fabrics, instead of usual wool and cotton.  Berthold held a private order evening in trendy Soho, where he showcased archives as well as the new outstanding collection. At the invite-only event appeared a special guest – his pug Maude, who made a big impression on potential buyers.  Each piece was colour-coded to show how much money you are able to get off when pre-ordering e.g yellow = 50%. The prices for the collection were what you’d expect; high prices for high fashion. However, these discounts made them surprisingly affordable.  Within the event there were photographers which were interviewing various guests for a pilot promoting Berthold.

The collection centres around the idea of present day London and near-future expression. Fornieles’ art is very futuristic, especially his new installation. Berthold looked at the structure of contemporary churches which were the mainframe for the collection including a lot of copper and marsh.

Collaborating with Ed worked well for Berthold’s vision, as he wanted the collection to be “more art than fashion”. Berthold felt like it was time for him to start such a collaboration he draws so much inspiration from art already. The designs included many of Berthold original collection, such as bang-on-trend oversized coats with a workwear feel and an increase of orange. There was a diverse amount of fabrics, from nylon to Japanese wool. The oversized feel to the collection gave it an interesting unisex feel. The stand out pieces were, of course, the bright orange trousers with the matching oversized jacket. However, the orange and green lightweight puffer with his iconic logo printed all over it was incredible. This comes as either a midi length or short with a black latex looking pocket. There are also matching trousers in both colours again with the same print all over. As well as this, there were scarfs and bags repping the same print. The simple yet structured clothing came along-side a soft Japanese woollen parka with an oversized coat with a detachable hood, as well as loosely fitted cargo trousers.

The whole collection screamed BERTHOLD with an artistic feel, the clothes are incredibly beautiful and ahead of fashion. A big congratulations is in order.

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