Beauty treatments to try in 2023

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After being stuck inside for the past few years due to the pandemic, self-care trends have been on the rise. While self-care differs for everyone, some of us may treat ourselves to a trip to the salon to get us feeling our best and have some me-time. Here are some beauty treatments that you may want to try this year on your next salon trip.  

Salon waxing 

While attitudes towards body hair are changing, particularly for those aged 18-24 who are increasingly foregoing hair removal, those aged 24-44 are still choosing to remove it.

Of course, the way you maintain your body hair is totally up to you, however, if you do choose to remove it you may want to consider waxing. Rather than trying the treatment at home, heading to a salon that uses professional waxing kits is much more likely to give you the best results. Professionals know how to prepare the skin and perform proper aftercare which helps to make your results last longer but also protects your skin and reduces the pain that can come with the treatment.

Lymphatic drainage facials 

The benefits of lymphatic drainage have been much discussed over recent years. This kind of massage helps the body’s lymphatic system to drain toxins and excess water which can improve circulation and reduce swelling and puffiness in the targeted areas. 

With the increased focus on beauty and skincare, unsurprisingly lymphatic drainage facial searches have increased 83% year on year. The facials can help reduce puffiness and improve facial definition which aids in giving a naturally contoured and chiselled look without the need for needles and fillers.


Dermaplaning involves shaving away hair and the top layers of your skin with a scalpel to leave your face brighter and smoother. The treatment can have brilliant results for those with acne scars, dull or dry skin, fine lines, actinic keratosis and a range of other skin concerns. 

The procedure is non-invasive and painless but can cause some redness for the rest of the day after you have had it done. As long as you don’t have super sensitive skin, dermaplaning is a brilliant, low-risk way to exfoliate your skin but be sure to leave it to the professionals due to the sharp tools involved. 

BIAB nails 

One of the latest beauty trends is the builder in a bottle (or BIAB) manicure. This is a nail treatment that is specifically designed to add strength and structure to natural nails. Due to the thickness of the product, the likelihood of breakage is reduced and gives you stunning nails without the need for plastic tips or glue.

The main difference between BIAB and acrylic nails is that BIAB is a form of gel polish with a strengthening base that doesn’t damage the natural nail underneath. Acrylic nails, on the other hand, are created using a powder polymer and liquid monomer which require your natural nails to be filed down to make them stick, which thins your nails and makes them weaker.

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