Alice Merton Unveils Vibrant New EP ‘HERON’ 

Alice Merton has undeniably become known as the girl with no roots. In her songs, she’s always talked about celebrating life as a nomad, and making a home wherever you want it to be. With this next chapter however, her thoughts turn inward, and instead of finding a home in the outside world, she goes on an internal journey of feeling lost on the inside and asking the question of all questions: who am I supposed to be, and how well do you know yourself at all? 

The Heron EP out now via her own independent record label Paper Plane Records Int. – explores the journey of self-discovery and self-fulfilment. 

It questions one’s own happiness, in a world where we are constantly influenced by other people’s opinions on what happiness is for them, especially through social media. It’s become almost impossible to filter out the noise and truly ask ourselves “What is it that we really want out of this life, and how well do we actually know ourselves at all? Can we independently find happiness without being bombarded by everyone else’s definition of what they think happiness is?“

All these questions are part of Heron, a name Alice decided on after landing yet again in a new city, and observing these elegant birds in the middle of London-Barbican, an unusual place you would think for such a bird, grazing away at midnight. 

“In the Heron EP, I’ve tried to capture individual stories and thoughts of the past year that I’ve collected. The heron was one of the first unusual things I saw in London on a late-night stroll through the city. I wondered how a bird like that could find a home in such an unusual place when I realised I’d been doing that my whole life. 

When I read that herons symbolised and embodied the spirit of transformation and adaptation in Celtic mythology, I knew that I’d found the right name for what I was trying to convey with these songs. The whole EP is an inner transformation and realisation of what I really want out of this life and which things are important to me. The journey starts with run away girl, where I introduce the feeling of being lost in oneself and not knowing what you are really chasing and ends with between the lines, a song that captures my typical state of daydreaming where I realise the biggest messages and ideas will always be hidden away between words and feelings that I get to share with you, and that is truly what will always bring me the most happiness in this life.“

Alice’s collaborators on the Heron EP include her long-term producer and co-writer Paul Whalley, Jonny Coffer (Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus, Ellie Goulding), James Dring (Gorillaz, Self Esteem), Nick Hahn (Sigrid, IVE) and Tobias Kuhn (Milky Chance).

Alice will waste no time in taking Heron on the road as she embarks upon a long-awaited headline tour in the US in May. A selection of European festival dates have also been confirmed, including Hurricane and Southside (GER), Les Déferlantes (FR), Werchter Rock (BEL) and Seaside Festival (CH). Please see HERE for a full list of dates.

Heron EP tracklist:

1. run away girl

2. pick me up

3. don’t leave me alone with my thoughts

4. how well do you know your feelings?

5. between the lines

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