Alexander Wang is the first fashion designer to feature on the Pirelli calendar

For the first time in history, a fashion designer features in the Pirelli calendar. Alexander Wang is the lucky one to appeared in the iconic photoshoot produced by the photographer Albert Watson.

Watson decided to do a movie theme for this year’s edition, with each of its female models playing the role of a character with a desire to achieve (or having achieved) their goals. Alexander Wang is the confident of a wealthy woman who is portrait by Gigi Hadid. Both of them need to be high-profile enough in themselves.

They’re not alone on the shooting. The dancer Sergei Polunin, actress Julia Garner and model Astrid Eika are also a part of the 2019 Pirelli calendar, among others.

We can spot on the behind-the-scenes images shots of the dancers doing their moves, Watson doing his work, and Hadid and Wang with a mysterious dark looking on their faces. Soon, will be released a BTS clip that includes words from the models and their relationship with Watson.

Watch a BTS video below and get to know more about the Pirelli production:

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