ADMT shares his impressive Second EP ‘Without You’

ADMT‘s infectious new single “Weekend Offender” emerges as a standout anthem, perfectly timed to accompany your most adventurous or reckless decisions, just ahead of the bank holiday weekend!

Crafted in response to a familiar scenario experienced by a friend, the track offers a relatable dose of mischief. ADMT, the artist behind the music, elaborated, “A good friend of mine went out for just ‘one quick drink.’ He intended to return home at a reasonable hour, but once that first drink hit, excitement took over, and before he knew it, he was locked out at dawn with empty pockets and a head full of regrets, haha.”

Another compelling addition to the record is the deeply poignant “Overboard.” ADMT, known for his candid approach to mental health discussions, showcases his raw talent for honest songwriting in this track. Reflecting on its significance, he shared, “Overboard is possibly one of the most vital songs I’ve ever penned. In our darkest moments, loneliness often amplifies our struggles. This song aims to prevent people from making regrettable decisions when they’re at their lowest. If it helps even one person, it’s fulfilled its purpose. I want individuals to recognize their worth, to feel seen and heard, and to understand the impact of their presence. I hope this track serves as a reminder that they are not alone and gives them the strength to persevere, as it did for me.”

The EP follows the success of “Midas Touch,” a collaborative track featuring ADMT alongside British rapper Potter Payper, which has garnered attention on platforms like 1xtra.

Earlier this year, ADMT paid homage to his roots with the heartfelt track “North,” proudly representing his Yorkshire upbringing. As his career continues to ascend, he remains committed to portraying both the positive and challenging aspects of British culture.

Among the EP’s highlights is “Best Friend,” initially conceived as a cover of 50 Cent’s hit song. Its popularity among fans, and the endorsement of 50 Cent himself, prompted ADMT to release a full-length version, which garnered widespread acclaim after the rap icon shared it with his massive following.

“Wish You Loved You” emerges as a poignant reflection on witnessing someone neglect their own worth, born from personal pain and empathy.

ADMT’s versatile sound, coupled with his genuine and relatable persona, has garnered praise from various publications and earned him a dedicated fan base. With millions of streams on platforms like Spotify and a significant following on social media, ADMT’s star continues to rise. Having delivered electrifying performances at festivals and sold-out shows, he is set to embark on a spring tour, with tickets selling fast.

As ADMT’s new EP marks a significant milestone in his career, seize the opportunity to experience his live performances before they sell out! Grab your tickets now!

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