A testament to 10 years as a band, 5 Seconds of Summer delivers a spectacular show at the Royal Albert Hall. 

It has been a decade since friends Michael, Ashton, Calum and Luke manifested their dreams via their band 5 Seconds of Summer. With an archive that consists of a timeless collection, they have crafted a brand new addition in the form of the fifth album ‘5SOS5’. The new project is authentically 5SOS, reminiscent of their first album the latest project still carries the same passion and love for what they do.

Marking a celebratory period in their career, 5 Seconds of Summer performed a sold-out show at the Royal Albert Hall, which was live streamed across the world. The concert was held the day before the album’s release and the energy was electric and the band shared this pivotal experience in London. Invited to their show, I became a part of this incredible moment as we honour their legacy so far. 

At a capacity of just over 5,000 people, the ambience of the Royal Albert Hall is grand through its decor, but also very intimate as fans can sit in quite close proximity to the stage. In anticipation of the start of their performance, there were waves of high decibel screaming echoing through the venue. The clusters of fans were observably incredibly excited to be in the room of their much anticipated ‘The Feeling of Falling Upwards’ performance.

Opening with their song ‘COMPLETE MESS’ taken from ‘5SOS5’ album the crowd roared with 5SOS induced endorphins. The band all positioned in a relatively straight line, stood together side by side performing their song which has been streamed over 40 million times on Spotify. The members are known for their distinct and unique individual styles however they dressed for the occasion by wearing shirts and ties – it is Royal Albert Hall, after all.

The Royal Albert Hall has acoustics that enables you to appreciate live music and 5 Seconds of Summer invited an orchestra and choir that elevated their performance to new levels. Their symphonic stripped back element to their performance allowed fans to take in the production, as well as absorb the voices of each member. I’ve heard their huge hit ‘Perfect’ countless times but this time was different. The stripped back rendition allowed me to take in their song on a deeper level. The softer instrumental paved way for a powerful synchronicity between the band and the audience, as you could hear them singing back every word. The choir brought a magical twist to the performance and it complimented and amplified the energy emitted from each song. 

Exuding major feels, each performance felt special in its own way and cemented the camaraderie of the band. 5 Seconds of Summer performed a variety of songs spanning the breadth of their career including the likes of ‘Red Desert’, ‘Youngblood’, ‘Lie To Me’, to more recent ones such as ‘CAROUSEL’ and ‘Me Myself & I’. The screaming radiating from the audience hit a new high after Luke brought on his fiancé Sierra Deaton on stage as they sang their song ‘Older’. Their chemistry was felt in the venue as fans were left emotional and inherently connected to this moment.  

Reminiscing, each band member took time to talk as they reflected on their monumental career. It’s not that often bands take time to reflect on where they have been and how far they’ve come and this performance allowed them to do that. The band even spoke of a moment when they used to busk outside the Royal Albert Hall in their early career. It’s powerful to hear that they went from busking outside to performing inside at The Royal Albert Hall. Being present in the venue you could feel the gratitude that they had for how far they have come. 

A milestone in itself the performance not only celebrated their success but created a stunning introduction to their next chapter, which is ‘5SOS5’. 

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