8 Reasons Why Wedding Bands Are Still Popular to Hire in the UK

Wedding bells are ringing all across the UK, and loads of couples are opting for outdoor nuptials after venues became permanently legalised post-pandemic. With many regulations easing and the supply line slowly recovering, plenty of weddings are pushing through in the latter part of 2023.

This has seen a surge in demand for vendors working with events and wedding bands for hire. There are plenty of artists who specialise in weddings, and they remain a popular choice for newlyweds for quite a few reasons. 

People Crave Live Music

People want the joy of experiencing live music, especially after being cooped up for so long. There’s also something about being able to hear voices and instruments being played in-person that just makes you feel more immersed in the music. As modern music lovers face a crisis of surging tickets, venues that have live music become ever more appreciated. This rings especially true for weddings that bring people of different ages together to celebrate a couple. 

Pop-Rock Remains a Favorite

Although many party bands take pride in being able to cover different types of genres, pop-rock remains the favoured genre for UK listeners. It’s followed only by alternative and folk music, which also happen to be mainstays in your average wedding band’s repertoire. If you look for in-demand wedding acts, you see this genre permeate the scene with the most popular ones like The High Rollers, Agent Smith, and Rockit, among others. Weddinggoers want to hear this kind of music, so bands deliver. 

Bands Set the Tone

Bands have a great way of setting the tone, be it to make hearts flutter with a romantic number or to get everyone to have a blast together. They also provide a calm and sophisticated ambience when it’s time for guests to enjoy their meals and gather for speeches. Considering how many brides and grooms suffer from wedding anxiety, it makes sense that wedding musicians play a huge role in lifting the mood and creating a relaxing, joyful setting. 

It Gets Everyone Up and Dancing

When it gets to the reception and all’s said and done, it’s all about keeping things moving. You want guests to have positive interactions and be able to have a fun time with all the people that you care about. This is why one of the biggest factors for couples is whether a band can get everyone up and dancing. After all, seeing everyone have a blast on the dance floor can be very satisfying after going through all the trouble of setting up the venue. 

Music Makes Memories

Weddings are wonderful occasions that should be filled with wonderful memories to look back on. Be it tearful speeches, hilarious games, and moving moments on the dance floor, the music is the powerful backdrop that can make or break the moment. Many pivotal moments lean heavily on the success of a good wedding band, from the bride’s walk down the aisle to the couple’s first dance. 

Bands Can Make Great Arrangements

Lots of couples are very particular about having “their song” played. Thankfully, the best wedding bands are well-versed in different genres and songs. Even better, they often find ways to make different songs more wedding-ready with creative arrangements. It’s simply a skill that is developed to make your band more noticeable, and it works out in favour of the newlyweds. Tons of unique wedding bands like The Sweet and Lowdown and Manhattan are often known for creating unique arrangements that add that extra flavour to new hits and classics alike. 

Experienced Musicians Know When to Adjust

It’s all about reading the room, and it’s harder to adjust to fit the mood when you’re just constantly tinkering with a laptop or checking a streaming service for connectivity. Experienced musicians know when to go all out and when to pull back. On top of that, they can take requests and can handle any necessary setup to perfectly match the scene. 

They Elevate the Experience

Having a live band simply makes an event feel more sophisticated, and it shows a lot of care for everything coming together. For this reason alone, plenty of people opt for the personal touch of a live band as opposed to just hooking up a flash drive to a sound system. This is why plenty of wedding attendees and couples themselves often look back and remember the music when reminiscing. 

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