With support from BBC Introducing The South and Youth Music’s Next Gen Fund in partnership with TikTok, Turtle Bay UK, and Dr. Martens, Brotherhood’s new single “Care Too Much” is the ultimate indie-pop smash. 

As a successful grant applicant from the Next Gen Fund, half Filipino, half Jamaican masked mystery 4 The Brotherhood is set to make his highly anticipated 2023  return with “Care Too Much”.

“Care Too Much” is an indie-pop anthem for the 20-something-year-old struggling to embrace the reality of adulthood. Doused in yk2 nostalgia, the track immediately transports back to the comfort blanket era for many of us, where troubles were in the hands of parents and the world was at our feet. Taking a fun, light-hearted stance at not taking life too seriously and having an insouciant attitude towards life, “Care Too  Much” offers a sonic haven built on the reassurance of a fellow peer.  

Speaking on the track, 4 The Brotherhood explains; 

“Being normal is overrated! “Care Too Much” is about being the truest version of yourself, completely free from the judgement of others. In today’s society, people pretend to be someone they’re not just to fit in and be like everyone else, why? If everyone stopped caring, being normal would be the new weird and life would be way more exciting.  It’s funny, now I feel more comfortable wearing the mask than I do without…” 

Armed with his signature purple mask, a cardboard sign, and a pair of headphones,  Brotherhood launched a guerrilla marketing campaign spanning across London 

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