Want to get notoriety and get published?

HOUSE OF SOLO MAGAZINE gives you the opportunity to contribute your work and have it published in a top-quality, highly popular publication – both digitally and in print. That means global exposure. Are you a street artist, wardrobe/hair stylist, designer or make-up artist? Are you a photographer, artist, writer or music fanatic with something to say? However you work your vision, connect with  HOUSE OF SOLO Magazine for the opportunity to collaborate with other local and international creatives, get people talking about your creativity and even launch your career. Submission Request is set up to provide an outlet for talent to have already produced work they want to be published and noted.

Here’s what to do to join our team:

Photography, Editorial & Graphic Submissions, and Feature Request

We accept fashion, portraiture, art and culture work. We prefer photographers/artists to be creative, different and to stand out, browse our past editorials and features to get a feel of HOUSE OF SOLO Magazine. Contribute work that fits our publication and theme. See editorial calendar. Subject to change without notice.


1. All submitted images must belong to you or with the written permission of the author.

2. All work must be unpublished including on social network sites, other magazines, and blogs.

3. Submit PDF of full editorial only. Story must be a set of a fashion story / documentary/ portrait story / graphic set / makeup & beauty, etc with a coherent story/theme. 

4. Include full copyright information: Your full name, email address and telephone number attached.

5. DO NOT SEND HIGH RES IMAGES UNLESS YOUR SUBMISSION WAS APPROVED. When submitting final selected approved work please send us high-resolution images specification: 350dpi jpg, not cropped, retouched with all credit details numbered and with image numbers corresponding. Please get these details correct as once published no corrections can be made. We will provide our Dropbox or email once you’re approved.

6. Feature Request: You must submit an EPK (Electronic Press Kit), press release, website or other means of providing information about the feature request. Please include any images and point of contact. Feature Request are accepted based on what we need at the time. We are looking for up-and-coming and established individuals, duos, or groups. If we are interested, we will send an email confirming the feature and issue.

Written Submissions

We are looking for a wide range of written submission from articles, interviews, reviews, (art, culture, music, exhibitions, events etc.)

1. Full background details of the piece you are submitting must be provided, a website address of the subject is not considered enough background research for us. If you are submitting a piece, you should be doing extensive research so there aren’t any issues.

2. Written work must not have been previously published including on blogs, magazines, newspapers, or social media sites.

3. An example of previous, published work or unpublished work will be required.

4. Work must fit within HOUSE OF SOLO Magazine style and standards see previous issues for reference.

5. Photographs/illustrations must be provided to accompany the piece these must be to a high quality and provided to us as soon as possible.

Our Terms & Conditions

1. Posting your approved images/content online BEFORE HOUSE OF SOLO Magazine issue is published may result in your images being pulled from the issue, or we will request for you to remove them from online until after publication.

2. Submitted images and articles should not have appeared in any other publication, blog, be it print or online. We place an embargo on all content until after publication. We have exclusive rights to use your submission one (1) year before you can release to another magazine or outlet.

3. You retain the ownership of your images/work, which is your original work. Images sent by a third-party should only be by permission of the organization or the individual who is the owner and they must also agree to these terms and conditions.

4. By submitting you are granting HOUSE OF SOLO Magazine unrestricted non-exclusive right to use it now and in the future.

5. Images used become a permanent part of this magazine.

6. By submitting to HOUSE OF SOLO Magazine, you are indicating that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to them.

7. You grant HOUSE OF SOLO Magazine the right to use your submitted work for promotional use in relation to HOUSE OF SOLO Magazine.

8. Obtaining a pull letter, commissioning letter or letter of responsibility does not mean we will publish your editorial. We also reserve the right to change the issue your editorial is published in. Any expenses or costs of your shoot are at your own risk; please do not undertake a shoot in our name unless you can afford the loss, should it happen. Pull letters are not guaranteed unless we like the story idea and research the Wardrobe Stylist being used. We generally provide pull letters to Wardrobe Stylist we have a relationship with, credible and respected in the industry.

9. Submissions are non-paid; exposure only.

Request for Pull letter & Commissioning Letters

The following are requirements for these letters:

1. We like and accept your idea.

2. Your Wardrobe Stylist has an immaculate reputation.

3. You provide a mood board outlining the story and style.

4. We have final approval on your model or models prior to your shoot and we would like to see options, not just a single model.

5. Model releases & permissions MUST in place.

6. You have all required insurances.

7. You accept we may not run your story.

8. You must commit to delivery of images by the agreed deadline.

NOTE: Pull letter/ commissioning letters are very rarely given out. Please see clause 8 in our term and conditions above.

We are happy to provide 72dpi quality tear sheets and high-res PDF of the feature and editorial you’ve submitted. Hyperlink to live feed will be included in your email.