One Memoir gets ready to debut its first collection ‘Revybe – The Memoir’

Recently, we featured upcycled and exclusive fashion brand One Memoir based in Edinburgh Scotland, run by two former graduates from opposite parts of the world. These two fashion loving students decided to launch a fashion brand that turned pre-loved clothing into one of a kind pieces with the collaborative help of emerging designers from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago.


As the brand name One Memoir suggests, for Justus and Shelly, fashion is much more than just a unique and exclusive fashion piece, but a memoir – a collection of memories of all those people which helped to make this revolutionising process of transforming something old into trendy and new. The Memoir of each jacket tells the story of that piece and has been made with one customer in mind. Each item is a unique and personal fashion experience that allows you to enjoy the journey just as much as the stunning and individual jacket. Their first exclusive collection of 15 jackets called ‘Revybe- The Memoir’ sends a strong message that upcycled and sustainable fashion can be trendy.


When we talked to the duo, Shelly said in her charming Trinidadian accent:  “Vybe (s) is a Trinidadian expression, which means a person’s feelings, normally a positive or exciting state of mind, so in this context it means to put a new life into the pre-loved garment. To revive it with positive vibrations”. Justus adds, “we want to make people believe in upcycled fashion, and offer them a different, exclusive and more sophisticated shopping experience. The consumer can feel and share the joy in our one of a kind jackets whilst having a bespoke item that makes a social and environmental impact”.


On the 13 August 2016 the duo with debut ‘Revybe – The Memoir’ in the City of Edinburgh where attendees will have the chance to buy pieces from the collection straight off the model’s backs. The event promises to be one that will excite and exhibit the soul that upcycled fashion has to offer. If you are interested in attending the event in Edinburgh, visit their website and have the chance to win a complimentary ticket to the event. Here’s a sneak peek of some of their pieces from the Revybe collection.



One Memoir gets ready to debut its first collection ‘Revybe - The Memoir’
One Memoir gets ready to debut its first collection ‘Revybe – The Memoir’
One Memoir gets ready to debut its first collection ‘Revybe - The Memoir’
One Memoir gets ready to debut its first collection ‘Revybe – The Memoir’


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